Mindstorm Studios (“Mindstorm,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) offers competitions and tournaments in which outcomes are based upon the skill and knowledge of the competitors ("Services"). Competitions and tournaments are meant to be fun and enjoyable, and it is Mindstorm's goal to provide users with a fun game environment. However, should you have concerns about your playing habits, you should consider immediate action to limit and/or self-exclude yourself from further gameplay.

We want our users to have fun! But you must do so responsibly. Mindstorm Studios is committed to ensuring responsible playing. The following provides advice and information regarding the measures Mindstorm has put in place in order to ensure a fair, safe, and responsible environment.

The Policy below shall be applicable to you only to the extent you register and use our Services from the United Kingdom.


You may voluntarily self-exclude yourself from accessing the Services at any time by emailing us at Your request must include your full name, full residential address, and email address so we may verify your account and block your access to the Services. The self-exclusion will last for a period of at least three (3) months. We will not reopen any self-excluded account prior to the three (3) month self-exclusion period; however, after the expiry of the minimal exclusion period, you may contact us and ask for your account to be re-activated. The self-exclusion will only be lifted seven (7) days after we receive your written email requesting to reinstate your account.

By voluntarily self-excluding, you agree to provide full and accurate personal details, now and in the future, so as to allow access to, and/or use of, our Services to be restricted. If you choose to self-exclude, we will use all reasonable efforts to ensure we comply with your self-exclusion. However, in agreeing to self-exclude, you accept that you have a parallel responsibility not to attempt to circumvent voluntary self-exclusion. Accordingly, we have no responsibility or liability for any subsequent consequences or losses, howsoever caused, that you may suffer or incur if you commence or continue to access or make use of the Services through additional online accounts in circumstances where you have changed any of the registration details, provide misleading, inaccurate or incomplete details, or otherwise seek to circumvent the voluntary self-exclusion to which you agreed.

During the period of self-exclusion, we will use reasonable efforts to not send you any marketing materials and we will not accept any deposits or entries from you. During the period of self-exclusion, you may not open a new account. Please remember that according to our Terms and Services, you may only register for a single account and may not use or access multiple accounts at the same time. Should we find that you have created an alternative account in order to circumvent the self-exclusion process, we will immediately terminate your account(s), and you will be banned from further accessing the Services.

You may also elect to close your account at any time. If you wish to terminate your account, please email us at Please note that any prizes assigned to your account will be forfeited upon termination.


Mindstorm recommends that you set daily limits in order to avoid excessive use of the Services. Mindstorm provides you the option to set daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limitations. You may set limits by contacting us at We will use our best efforts to implement limits immediately; however, until in place, you are responsible for ensuring that you do not exceed the limits you have set for yourself. You can change or revoke the limits you have set at any time.

Playing Problem Resources

Mindstorm encourages responsible gameplay, and it is our goal to ensure that your experience is as enjoyable as possible. Mindstorm will never induce, pressure, or encourage players to play beyond their limits or chase losses.

Playing problems may result in financial hardship. If you feel you have an excessive play problem, we urge you to seek assistance. Excessive play warning signs may include:

If you or someone you know is or may be experiencing any of the warning signs listed above, it is important that you or the person you know immediately seek advice and support.

Please see below additional organizations that are committed to providing necessary support:

Additional resources may be available in your jurisdiction. Please note that the above resources (and any other additional resource available in your jurisdiction) are not in any way affiliated with Mindstorm, and that they do not provide customer support or dispute resolution services regarding your account.

If you have any questions, require assistance in finding appropriate support in your area, or believe that your or someone you know suffers from playing problems, please contact us at

Parental Controls

Mindstorm does not permit users under the age of 18 (or higher in certain jurisdictions) to register an account to access the Services. In the event you believe a user is under the age of majority, please contact us at

Please be advised that while Mindstorm uses best efforts to verify users' age to prevent minors from accessing the Services, you are solely responsible for controlling and supervising your children. In order to ensure the Services are not accessed by users under the age of 18, we encourage you to do the following:

Game History

You can view your game history via our app, to see the total amount spent, total winnings, and losses.

Social Media Platforms

The online advertising of game products has increased over time on social media platforms; you can limit your exposure to such advertisements using the tools provided through some social media platforms.

For information on how you can limit your exposure to advertising on Twitter please see here; on Facebook please see here; and on Google please see here.

Necessary Action

Mindstorm Studios will use its best efforts to ensure that you use the Services responsibly. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion and without prior notice, to undertake any of the measures included in this Responsible Play Policy (including, but not limited to, restricting and/or terminating your access to the Services) if at any time we feel you (or someone you know) are abusing the Services and/or acting irresponsibly by engaging in habits and/or behaviors that may be harmful to you.